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Mary Thrasher’s School Diary was originally published by the Rehoboth Historical Commission.

© 2007, Catherine Potter

Reprinted here with permission

Mary Thrasher's School Diary - Page 3 

More about the Perry School

In 1847 there were 15 School districts in town. The school committee voted in 1876 to hold school for three sessions each year.

In 1880, just 5 years after Mary wrote her diary, we have budget information for District #4 from the Town’s Annual Report.


          C. Anne Carpenter 8 wks. winter term                           $64.00

                                     8 wks. summer term                         56.00

                                     8 wks. fall term                                 56.00

          George A. Pierce, making fires                                        2.00


Nine years later the town built a new Perry School in the same area. The old school was left on the property for storage. The cost of the new school was $1,352.81.  In addition it cost the town $25 to buy the lot from Granville E. Perry. This is the breakdown of the building cost:


Edward H. Horton: school building        

            shed building                                               

Edmund S. Luther: labor for both foundations 

Gustavus B. Peck: labor for both foundations 

Samuel A. Cash: labor & stone                 

Albert R. Lewis: labor & teaming                           

William H. Barnes: Adv. for bids                        

            fence boards                                              


Hale S. Luther: 28 days Labor, 6 days with team     

            misc. bills                                        

Globe Furniture Co: seats                                        

Geo. N. Goff: 17 ˝ days labor, 7 ˝ with team         

James H. Handy: plumber labor & stock                 

Charles H. Horton: committee on building              

Osborn Perry:  post for fence & board                   

R. W. Whittemony: black boarding                          

E. T. Holmes: labor                                                

Henry T. Horton: 2 days to lay on & lot                 

John S. Horton:  2 days to lay on & lot           

Ebenezer A. Medberry: 2 days to lay on & lot 























    4.00 1352.81


Editorial note:  Since publication of Mary Thrasher’s School Diary, records have been found placing Mary E. Thrasher as the Matron & Superintendent of Nurses at the Massachusetts State Sanatorium as early as 1898. Records indicate Mary filled the same roll at the Rutland Sanatorium for Consumption (Tuberculosis) as early as 1907. These may be the one in the same facilities.

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