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Mary Thrasherís School Diary was originally published by the Rehoboth Historical Commission.

© 2007, Catherine Potter

Reprinted here with permission

Mary Thrasher's School Diary - Page 2 - The Diary   

Mary Thrasher Diary - Page 1  2  3

Diary of Mary E. Thrasher

District #4 Age 13 Rehoboth, Ma.

Dec 29, 1875

Brought this to school. Done 10 examples had my lessons perfect so far    new Scholars came in the afternoon    Old but new

Dec 30 1875

It is stormy  had my lessons perfect so far    Expect company in the school this afternoon  the company came    there was three of them    had my lessons perfect    quite a time at night

Jan 2 1876

Came to school today    had my lessons perfect so far    Teacher gave Liza groves a whipping today for what she wrote on the board    George Pierce had to stand in the floor for whispering    Teacher gave George Perry three whipping    Jennie one    Sammie Smith one    That makes three that got a whipping    Quite a time at school    Teacher had the headach

Jan 3 76

Came to school this morning   expected to have the mumps but did not    Real pleasant    Scholl is done    i  am glad to get home    i expect to have a good time. 

Jan 4 76

Came to school this morning    had my lessons perfect.   Done 24 examples    had a good time with Eliza Grove this noon and recess    she wrote something on the blackboard

Jan 6 76

Came to school this morning   it is pleasant and warm    done 3 3examples    5 of the scholars got in to the pond this noon and two went home    Walter Bliss came to see teacher to night

Jan 7 76

Came to school this morning it is pleasant    Mrs. Groves came in school this morning to see the teacher    had my lessons perfect    there was good ear of talk about Walter Bliss this afternoon

Jan 10 76

Came to school this morning    Nothing unusual has happened yet    i wish that the scholars would let Walter Bliss alone.    it is enough to make anybody sick    school is done and i am glad to get home. Walter Bliss is gone and left us

Jan 12 76

Came to school this morning it is pleasant.    We were late this morn had to stay in our recess    had my lessons perfect    The scholars acted so bad I could not study

Jan 13 1876

Came to school we have got to go up to Mrs Thayer this noon it is about Liza Groves writing what she did on the board    I donít care    We went to Mrs Thayers it was about Eliza i am glad it is over with    Lillie Carrie Ana and myself went    school is done

Jan 14 76

Came to school it is pleasant    The Teacher brough her skates this morning. She borugh them yesterday but did not skate     Teacher skated this noon had a good time. Eliza got mad after school and i guess nobody cared i donít

Jan 17 76

Came to school it is stormy Teacher talked to us this morning about plagueing Lisa this morning i donít care    Teacher found out what Eliza said to that man   it is storming out    School is done

Jan 18 76

Came to school it is fogg    Teacher told us to give Eliza a severe letting alone and i a going to give her one.    It is still storming yet    school is done and i am glad    it is awful wet    perfect lesson but one

Jan 19th

Came to school it is fogy    the school house was broken into last night and the stove pipe broken down    chairs and the desks    Stone in the teachers desk stove cover in the water pail    Chairs on the stove mud in the stove and books scattered round in general    school is done

Jan 20 76

Come to school it is morning    Nothing unusual has happened    i fell real smart had fun this noon    got sent to my seat in Ė geography class i donít care got to stay in half my recess school is done and i am glad

Jan 21th

Came to school this morning it is pleasent. Father and mother has gone away. Nothing unusual has happened yet   The Teacher is awful cross somehow school is near done    school is done at last and i am lad

Jan 23th 76

Came to school this morning it is pleasant but slippery     nothing unusual has happen yet.   Teacher went up to Mrs Thaers this noon    had a good time at noon singing quite a time. School is done and i am glad

Jan 25th 76

Came to school this morning it is pleasant    had my lessons perfect    Teacher brought her skates today    The Teacher did not skate but she let Ada and me have them and we let Lili and Carrie use them to and had the fun    school is done

Jan 26 76

Came to school this morning it is pleasant had perfect lessons so far    how i shall have them after this i donít know     Teacher told us some real nice stories this noon    When the o------was done the -------- had a real good time    School is done

Jan 28 76

Came to school it is stormy   The stove pipe came down this morning and school never commence until about ten oclock and so she was behind time all day    Father came after us tonight and came in school     school is done

Jan 29th

Came to school this morning it is storming rain storm    had my lessons perfect so far    brought my Chatterbox to school today    Every body wanted it bu I donít care i just as lieve    it is storming    school is done

Feb 1 76

Came to school this morning    it is storming    the stove smoked this morning that the Teacher gave us 5 minutes recess till the boys could fix it. The teacher broke 3 sticks whipping George Perry this afternoon    nothing unusual has happened    school is done

Feb 2 76

Came to school this morning    it is pleasant    Eliza Groves marked on her desk but the Teacher donít believe she don it and takes her part as she always does. Eliza has got the mumps and so has George Vickery i would think she would stay to home at any rate    Eliza says her face is real sore i should think it would be    school has only two more days to keep and i am glad    the wind blows enough to blow the school house down but i hope it will not    missed in my grammar i canít help it    anyway school is done

Feb 3 76

Came to school this morning is it pleasant    Ada came today and i am glad    was raining bad    We had company in school this afternoon   her name was Lizzie Goff     nothing unusual has happened yet and i hope there will be pretty soon    lessons perfect last day tomorrow    Carrie tried to have the mumps this morning but she did not make out    Eliza Groves has got them and so has George Vickery and Arthur Perry    had my lessons perfect all day but i whispered so that made me miss.    school is done

Feb 4 76

Came to school it is snowing    the ground is covered with snow    today is the last day and I am glad.    The afternoon has come    the Mr & Mrs Perry come in school and father Mr Thayer    Emmie Perry Lizza Goff    had my arithmetic perfect    had all my lessons  perfect all day    got one of the prizes for being smart in ----------ing    Eliza Groves got the one for most stars but it was not so nice as Carrie  Arthur Perry got the second prize and James ---------------- third    school is almost done    speaking the pieces i had to read one and made a fool of my self  usual but I did not have time to look it over    if i had i could read it better    Now must close until next school

So good bye


Mary Thrasher Diary - Page 1  2  3

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