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Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Number 46

The Round Lot is on Plain Street several hundred feet North of the Swansea line. It is located behind what is now known as Almeida Construction. The persons listed in the table below are interred there but as can be seen in the image to the right, the list is not complete. There are many unmarked field stone markers. 

All photographs on this page were taken on July 18, 2008

Two field stone markers (shown on left) that were recently unearthed in this burial yard have markings roughly chiseled into them. One appears to be broken with much of the markings missing. The other appears to be that of a 4 year old child . 

The images are not high resolution and the lighting is not good, but even in the best of conditions, the stone is almost impossible to read. A rubbing may help.

The image to the left can be enlarged sllghtly by clicking on it. 

Three Veteran's stones seen in the top image have been replaced this year by the Rehoboth Cemetery Commission.

Surname Name Birth Death


Round Chase 1745c 15 Jan 1821 h/o (1) Mary Mason; (2) Hannah
Round George 1718c 13 Oct 1791  
Round Hannah 1754c 14 Jan 1827 2nd w/o Chase

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