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Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Number 33

Burial Place Hill is located on Peckham Street near its intersection with Providence and Mason Streets. 

Simeon Martin's table stone, shown at the right was seriously damaged when suspected vandals tried to find his remains below it. 

The  Annawan Historical Society took it upon themselves to raise the funds to make the needed repairs.  The process is not only painstaking and very expensive, there are  fewer than 5 people skilled enough and legally authorized to make repairs to the markers in Massachusetts Historical Cemeteries.

The group ran fundraisers until they could afford to make the repairs. The society ceased to exist in 2005. Most members then joined the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society  

Simeon Martin's Grave Marker, shown above,  is inscribed with the longest epitaph in the Country. The photograph was taken on January 25, 2008

Except for its name, anyone approaching the cemetery from Providence Street would probably not realize that the site was atop a hill. However there is a sharp drop to the ravine on its North West side (see image to the left). This high point played a major role in the Revolutionary War. The land was barren at the time and Rehoboth Minutemen stationed themselves nearby at the "Liberty Tree" where they could send and receive signals from their counterparts in Rhode Island. All images on this page were taken in January of 2008

The four images below are other views around Burial Place Hill. They can be clicked to enlarge them. 

33.jpg (283858 bytes)

2008_0127Image0175.JPG (296668 bytes)

2008_0127Image0176.JPG (297296 bytes)

2008_011916-17-33-340167.JPG (291500 bytes)

Surname Name Birth Death


Barney Daniel, Capt 1713(?) 2 Feb 1784  
Rounds Arnold B 1812c    
Bullock Stephen, Esq, Hon 1735c    
Bullock Samuel, Doct 1769c    
Davis Anna 1741c    
Davis Barney 1733c    
Millard Huldah 1791c    
Millard Patience 1721c    
Millard Hezekiah 1751c    
Miller Seth, W (J?) 1801c    
Rounds Marion 1744c    
Pierce Perserved, Capt 1786c    
Rounds Elizabeth 1769c    
Rounds James B 1769c    
Rounds Susan 1797c    
Rounds Betsey 1803c    
Bennett Juliana 1811c    
Wheeler Martha 1698c    
Wheeler Henry 1815c    
Millard Ruth 1784(?)    
Martin Anga      
Sweet Jonathan 1785c    
West James H      
West Martha 1794c    
West Darius 1736c    
Nichols Caroline W 1833c    
Martin Mary E 1835c    
Martin Nancy M 1817c    
Bullock Lydia 1807c    
Martin Sally 1794c    
Pierce Elisha D 1809?    
Bullock Dorothy 1762c    
Bullock Silence 1744c    
Bullock Samuel, Capt 1741c    
Davis Thomas 1829c    
Davis Mary 1760c    
Davis William 1756c    
Davis John M 1787c    
Thurber Daniel      
Martin Luther 1787c    
Martin Maria L 1828c    
Thurber Eliza 1804c    
Peck Candace 1802c    
Peck Lydia 1764c    
Peck Gideon 1765c    
Thurber Benjamin 1769c    
Draper Maria 1819c    
Whitaker Asa 1809c    
West Benjamin 1765c    
Whitaker Asa 1779c    
Peck Marther W 1802c    
Martin Hannah 1785c    
Drown Frederick, Col 31 Jan 1743    
Martin Cyril (?) 1792c    
Martin Polly 1771c    
Martin Hale 1766c    
Tren Mary 1838c    
Sweet Phebe 1757c    
Sweet Sarah 1787c    
Whitaker Nancy 1781c    
Wheeler Lydia 1791c    
Miller Sally W 1817c    
Wheeler Albert D 1822c    
Wheeler Darius A 1832c    
Wheeler Sally 1794c    
Wheeler Darius, Esq 1794c    
Wheeler Elizabeth 1742c    
Wheeler Jeremiah, Lieut 23 Mar 1731    
Peck Emma H 1816c    
Wheeler Barnard, Esq 1763c    
Thurber Louis      
Wheeler Jeremiah, Capt 1784c    
Mason Mary B 1777c    
Mason Aaron T 1777c    
Peck William M 1826c    
Peck Abby H 1836c    
Peck Jonathan W 1825c    
Peck William M 1827c    
Mason Horace D 1834c    
Wheeler Anna (?) 1757c    
Wheaton Maria F 1831c    
West Zedekiah 1779c    
West Amos 1749c    
Bullock William Henry 1819c    
Bullock Jerusha 1754c    
Bullock Joseph 1788c    
Bullock Betsey 1806c    
Angell Hiram      
Miller Betsey 1783c    
Bullock William, Col 1715c    
Martin Simeon, Hon 20 Oct 1754    
Horn Alathea 1766c    
Horn Daniel Esq 1766c    
Martin Mary Ann 1803c    
Martin Job 1789c    
Horn Daniel 1817c    
Wheaton Elizabeth 1756c    
Wheaton Louisa 1809c    
Bullock Susannah 1715c    
Thurber Polly      
West Henry 1754c    
West Patience 1772c    
Millard Zedikiah 1763c    
Comer John, Rev 1704c    
Round Richard, Rev 1706c    
Wheaton Mary 1660c 1727  
Bullock Nancy 1773(?)    
West Mary 1781    
Bullock Polly      
Mason Patsey 1794c    
Thurber Nathaniel      
West Darius      
Trenn Henry      
Wheeler Philip, Capt. 1700c    
Miller Mary Ann      
Miller Caleb M.D. 1787c    
Martin Silvanus 1727c    
Wheaton Lydia 1724c    
Bullock Chloe      
Martin Susannah W 1769(?)    
Wheaton Lucas 1748c    
Millard Mary Ann 1829c    
Millard Hannah W 1832c    
Millard Rebeckah 1796c    
Millard Philip 1788?    
Miller Joshua, Capt. 18 Jan 1789    
Goff Samuel Jr 1729c    
Miller Rhobe 1751c    
Barney Alice 1700c    
Martin Abby 26 Jul 1750    
Martin Susan 1799c    
Martin Rachel 1791c    
Carpenter Deborah 1747c    
Martin Ethan Esq 1770c    
Bowers Hannah 1826c    
Bowers Maria E 1824c    
Bowers Hannah 27 Jul 1791    
Bowers Jonathan, Capt 1785c    
Miller Amos 1777c    
Bullock Lois 1775c    
Peck Noah, Capt. 1798c    
Wheaton Andrew 1721c    
Wheaton Susannah 1692c    
Wheaton Robert, Deacon 1688c    
Wheaton Lucas 1792c    
Wheaton Robert 1707c    
Franklin Betsey 1773c    
Miller Nathan 1785c    
Bullock Albert 21 Jan 1819    
Wheaton Betsey      
Bullock Abel 1769(?)    
Martin Harriet 1808c    
Martin Joseph B 1799c    
Wheaton Ephrain, Elder 1660c    
Watson William H 1814(?)    
Watson Lydia 1794c    
Watson John 1783c    
Stephens Susan 1779c    
Watson Patience 1731c    
Peck Emma H 1846c    
Peck Aby M 1803c    
Pierce Betsey 1784c    
Pierce Lydia 1858c    
Peck Hannah 1802c    
Peck Albert G 1804c    
Peck Abby M 1812c    
Peck Annah Davis 1810c    
Miller Dorcas 1751c    
Peck Edwin, Capt 1795c    
Morton Isaac      
Peck George B 1779c    
Peck Jonathan, Ensign 1733c    
Peck Maria E 1832c    
Peck Mary C 1867c    
Peck Nancy 1795c    
Peck Patience C 1821c    
Peck Patience 1828c    
Peck  Ruth 1738c    
Peck Darius 1834c    
Miller Jacob 1736c    
Miller Edward A 1777c    
Miller Jacob, Capt 1778c    
Miller Lydia 1788c    
Miller Philip 1751c    
Miller Phebe 1751c    
Miller Richard Carmichael 1827c    
Miller Sally W 1806c    
Miller Sally 1787c    
Ormsbee Thomas 1644c 27 Sep 1716  
Millerd Dorothy 1693c    
Martin Phebe      
Millerd James P 1823c    
Millerd John 1701c    
Millerd Jonathan      
Millerd Mary Ann      
Millerd Nathaniel 1672c    
Millerd Nathaniel 1783c    
Millerd Sirah      
Peck William H 1827c    
Millerd Betsey 1789c    
Wheeler Jeremiah 1813c    
Peck William 1826c    
Wheaton Job 1765c    
Wheaton Job 1789c    
Wheaton Lydia 1786c    
Wheaton Mary Ann 1803c    
Wheaton Nancy C 1838c    
Wheaton Sarafta 1769c    
Wheaton Shubal      
Wheaton Daniel 1750c    
Wheaton Wilbur 1756c    
Wheton Daniel, Elder 1696c    
Wheeler Maria F 1831c    
Wheeler Philip Dea & Capt 1732c    
Whitaker Orion 1809c    
Whitaker William K 30 Jul 1804    
Whitaker M Y      
Whitaker Catherine 1815c    
Webber Mary 1733c    
West Oliver 1719c    
Wheaton Tabitha 1711c    
Thurber James Esq 1725c    
Pierce Luther T      
Rounds Louisa 1806c    
Rounds Nancy 17880c    
Salesbury Prudence 1711c    
Smith Experience 1720c    
Sweet Mary 1810c    
Sweet T M 1732c    
Thurber  Chloe      
Wheaton Daniel Horn 1826c    
Thurber Abel      
Peck William 1779c    
Thurber Rachel 1721c    
Tobey Eliza A 1814c    
Trenn Nancy 1801c    
West __ 1791c    
West Elizabeth      
West Nellie 1718c    
Wheaton Albert 1822c    
Wheaton Charles      
Thurber Nancy      
Bullock Mary 1738c    
De Forest Francis 1831c    
Bullock Jerusha 1783c    
Bullock Jesus 15 Mar 1816    
Bullock John Caswell 17 Jul 1805(?)    
Bullock Lois 1797c    
Bullock Hannah 1795c    
Bullock (5 Children)      
Bullock Martha 1779c    
Bullock Calvin 1751c    
Bullock Mary Ann 1771c    
Bullock Samuel 1704c    
Carpenter Oliver 1729c    
Davis Edward 1746c    
Davis Mary 1686c    
Davis Mary 1764c    
Davis Sarah Eustis 1780c    
Bullock Lois 1775c    
Bozworth Judith 1714c    
Allen Nathaniel 1767c    
A S 1741c    
Pierce (4 Children)      
Barney Alice 1770c    
Miller Caleb FRancis 1819c    
Barney Anna 1773c    
Bullock Horace 1823c    
Barney Dorcas 1778c    
Barney Anna 1744c    
Bowen Elizabeth 1681c    
Bowen James 1679c    
Bullock Amos Mason      
Bullock Anna      
Bullock Anah 1771c    
Bullock Betsey 1793c    
Bullock Betsey 1808c    
Barney Beriah 1741c    
Martin Susannah W 1796c    
Martin James 1766c    
Martin John C MD 1809c    
Martin Lois 1769c    
Martin Martha 12 Nov 1727    
Martin Nancy       
Martin Polly 1771c    
Martin Hannah 1722c    
Martin Seth 1716c    
Mason Mary Bullock 1824c    
Martin Sylvanus 1727c    
Mason Charles Hanson 1813c    
Mason Edward 1720c    
Mason William E 1829c    
Miller Mary Ann Bucklin 1820c    
Drown Elizabeth      
Ballou Louisa 1801c    
Martin Ruth 1777c    
Kelton Mary 1734c    
Martin Ephrain 1790c    
Miller Jesse W. 1810c    
Goff Samuel, Lieut 1694c    
Goff S H 1693c    
Himes George 1782c    
Horton Thomas 1698c    
Franklin Sarah 1738c    
Franklin Elizabeth 1767c    
Martin Angelina 1803c    
Martin Calvin MD 1767c    
Martin Calvin 1804c    
Martin Edward 1747c    
Martin Elisha 1810c    
Martin Elnathan Esq 1770c    
Franklin Anna 1769c    
Hunt Patience 1668c    

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