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Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Number 28

The Shubael Horton & Wheeler Cemetery is a well maintained and still active graveyard situated off Chestnut street.  Traveling from Pleasant Street the entrance would be on the right side of the road. 


28-1.jpg (43823 bytes)

The entrance is presently prominently marked but it is none the less easy to overlook. You must travel up a short dirt road or path into the woods to find it. The persons below are interred there but this may not be a complete list. The pictures were taken on Feb 7, 2008

Surname Name Birth Death


Horton Hannah      
Horton Lavina Martin      
Horton Simeon      
Horton Daniel M      
Horton Adelaide C      
Horton Edward Hiram      
Horton Maria N      
Horton George L      
Nichols Mary S      
Kingman Hiram W      
Kingman Isadore S      
Wood Lavina M      
Wheeler Shubael      
Cobb Albert T      
Wood Hermon Dea      
Horton Amelia Minerva      
Cobb Hattie Grant      
Bosworth Chloe      
Easterbooks Joseph A      
Wheeler Shubael      
Horton Frank T      
Horton Avis S      
Horton Chloe Ann      
Horton Edna A      
Horton Simeon F      
Sproker (?) Sabina      
Nichols Mary S      
Nichols(?) Freddie J      
Nichols (?) George D      
Horton Edward Anthony      
Horton Shubael W      
Horton William Herbert      
Wheeler Mary      

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