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Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Number 13

The Peck Burial Yard is located near what is now the seventh hole of the Sun Valley Golf Course off Summer Street. I visited this graveyard with Mr. David Peck of New Jersey. Among others, there are 24 Pecks buried in this yard. David is a descendent of Joseph Peck, one of the earliest settlers of Rehoboth. 

The photo above shows our footprints headed back towards the Pro-shop which is not yet visible.

The photo above is Mr. Peck collecting a cherished photograph for his records after he reached his destination, 

The first-hand mid-winter trek to this burial yard proved to be quite a challenge given there were several inches of ice-covered snow. I suggest future visitors come during the golfing season.

captsamuelpeckstone.jpg (263611 bytes)

Two of the images above show the gravestone of Capt. Samuel Peck. The image to the left is that stone. It is clickable and is the stone as designed and documented in "A Genealogical History of  the Descendants of Joseph Peck" p.34. It was carved & signed by George Allen. The stone is described in Association for Graveyard Studies' Guide #1: Narragansett Bay Area Graveyards, p. 13.

Surname Name Birth Death


Peck George 1769c 25 Sep 1837


Peck Isaac 1772c 14 Sep 1787

s/o Perez and Experience

Peck Abiezer 1713c 1800

s/o Samuel & Rachel

Peck Samuel, Jr. 1707c 26 Nov 1788

s/o Samuel & Rachel 

(Elder of a Church of Christ 

in Rehoboth for 40 years)

Peck Rachel 1676c 2 Nov 1756

w/o Capt Samuel Peck

Peck Samuel, Capt. 1673c 9 Jun 1736

h/o Rachel

Peck Isaac 1750c 22 Nov 1772

s/o Abiezer and Naomi

Peck Hannah 1707c 10 Aug 1778

w/o Elder Samuel

Peck Arnold 1768c 21 Dec 1784

s/o Perez and Experience

Allen Mary, Miss 1714c 14 Aug 1786


Peck Perez 1746c 3 Sep 1825

h/o Experience

Lake Susannah 1759c 27 Oct 1824

w/o Elnathan

Peck Anna   27 Sep 1778

d/o Abiezer & Naomi

Peck Allen 1737c 4 Jan 1809


Barney Rachel 1756c 20 Mar1821

w/o Christopher

Allyn Rebecca   12 Aug 1822

w/o Thomas

Lake James 1793c 1 Aug 1819


Peck John 1771c 26 Nov 1827


Peck Submit 1713c 20 Oct 1740

w/o Abrezer

Peck Sabra 1783c 4 Jun 1803

d/o Perez & Experience

Peck Rebecca 1780c 30 Jun 1807

w/o Benjamin

Peck Patience 1741c 1 Mar 1803

w/o Josiah

Peck Patience 1754c 7 Nov 1808

w/o Perez

Peck Naomi 1717c 9 Jul 1801

w/o Abrezer

Peck Noah 1780c 16 Sep 1781

s/o Perez & Experience

Covill Lydia 1792c 30 May 1875

w/o William

Peck Eva 1765c 1 May 1804

sister/o John; d/o Capt Samuel

Peck Experience    

w/o Perez

Chace Grindal 1 Oct 1757 10 Jun 1843

s/o Elisha, grs/o John

Lake Albert 1825c 6 May 1850


Lake Horace F. 1831c 18 Feb 1862


Lake Nancy 1795c 12 Jul 1844

w/o George

Lake George 1787c 26 Nov 1852

h/o Nancy

Lake Elnathan   12 Feb 1841

h/o Susanna

Covill William 1783c 18 Apr 1859

h/o Lydia

Peck Samuel 2nd    


Peck Josiah 1740c 6 Apr 1828


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