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Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Number 1

The Oak Knoll Cemetery, aka Briggs Corner Cemetery, is  located on Tremont and Park Streets, Route 118, in the Northwest part of the town about 3 tenths of a mile shy of Attleboro. The persons that are interred there have not yet been entered into the table below. This is a presently ongoing task.

Surname Name Birth Death Comment
Trasher Eliza      
Trasher George H      
Mc Cann Sarah      
Howland Isaac      
Pierce Abraham      
Knapp Freeman      
Horr Wealthy      
Knapp Lydia      
Pierce Harriet      
Pond William F      
Horr Abie      
Pond Stephen H      
Horr George      
Merz Arthur E      
Merz Ina G      
Millard Arthur S      
Pond Evelyn A      
Macomber Lemuel      
Perry David      
Perry Margaret      
Perry Timothy      
Perry Huldah      
Hill Elizabeth      
Perry Timothy      
Horr Almond      
Sumner Sarah M      
Horr Abigail      
Macomber Tabatha      
Wilmarth Jonathan      
Wilmarth Sally      
Woodard Hazelfern M      
Horr Elizabeth      
Kenson Samuel      
Horr Jacob      
Perry Rebecca      
Metters George H      
Woodward Raymond C      
Johnson Simon J      
Johnson Hannah      
Whitaker Frederick A      
Whitaker Sarah Jane      
Whitaker John H      
Whitaker Martha      
Cash Charles H      
Worrel Margaret      
Cash Augusta      
Metters Gertie      
Hewitt Anne E      
Mugg John      
Perry Edward Payson      
Perry Nettie      
Du Wors Robert J MD      
Brigham Carl A      
Brigham E Ethel      
Worrel George R      
Money Abbie O      
Woodward Gladys      
Monner Charles A      
Monner Harriet      
Fisher James I      
Fisher Matilda      
Fisher Alice S      
Larson Axel J      
Cash Agnes W      
Money John H      
Perry Malvina      
Money Lloyd J      
Torrey John L      
Torrey Martha A      
Brown Daniel J      
Brown Abby M      
Brown Isadora      
Thayer Harriet I      
Cash Samuel W      
Larson Flora I      
Bellow Seth, Dr      
Perry Horatio M      
Sanford Julana      
Ingalls Benjamin      
Ingalls Sarah      
Ingalls Lydia R      
Deenham Joseph      
Deenham Esther W      
Sanford Sarah      
Willis Zebina      
Sanford Lydia      
Macomber John      
Macomber Olive      
Macomber John Jr      
Dryer William      
dryer Ruth      
Northrup Samuel, Elder      
Bullock Candace E      
Jones Alsa      
Richmond Benjamin      
Fiske Leprelet P      
Caswell William      
Fiske Abigail      
Fisher Albert L      
Porter Emma      
Kent Nathaniel      
Kent Elizabeth      
Sanford Seneca, Esq      
Fuller George, Dr      
Macomber Hannah      
Richmond Betsey      
Kent Ezekiel, Deacon      
Kent Ruth      
Cranston Betsey      
Sanford John      
Sanford Sarah      
Sanford Paul      
Kent Orinda      
Barros Rufus, Col      
Briggs Nelson      
Briggs Eliza      
Briggs Mary Alice      
Briggs Elkanah      
Briggs Alden Clark      
Briggs Horatio      
Briggs Addah      
Bullock Alva L      
Perry Mabel E      
Briggs Dolly      
Barrows Nancy B      
Perry Ezra, Capt      
Perry Patty      
Smith Thomas      
Pass Mary J      
Perry Jemima      
Perry Lucy      
Perry Edward E      
Paine Jane M      
Perry Othniel S      
Macomber Sylvanus B      
Macomber Samuel C      
Perry Mary M      
Draper Samuel      
Draper Polly      
Peck Caleb S      
White Zelma D      
Perry George B M      
White Ernest E      
Macker Simeon      
Macker Mary       
Macker Simeon      
Macker Betsey      
Newell Gustavus      
Newell Patience      
Briggs Elkanah Col      
Macomber Lemuel Jr      
Peck Nancy      
Rouse Daisy B      
Rounds Ethel W      
Groves Anne      
Groves Ezra D      
Reynolds Levi M      
Reynolds Hannah      
Slater William      
Perry Margaret      
Rouse George W      
Perry Ebenezer      
Shaw Lucretia      
Ingalls George J      
Ingalls Marie L      
Ingalls Hannah      
Rounds Eugene B      
Rounds H Emma      
Perry David       
Slater Betsey      
Smith Mary      
Barrows Wheaton      
Barrows Abigail      
Barrows Joseph      
Barrows Nancy      
Freeman Milton, Deacon      
Freeman Eliza A      
Groves Davis      
Wilmarth Mary      
Rounds Harriet A      
Ring L Francis      
French Lucretia      
Ring William R      
French Ephraim      
French Wealthy      
Trasher Simmons      
Trasher Rhoda      
Armstrong Cinda      
Perry Isaac      
Rounds Elizabeth M      
Blackinton Samuel      
Wetherell Joseph      
Sanford Samuel      
Sanford Samuel      
Briggs Darius      
Kent Remember      
Perry Ichabod      
Carpenter Eustace V      
Perry James      
Burt Aaron      
Thrasher George      
Cash Samuel A      
Crotty Edward      
Barrett Eli      
Lane Vernon      
Steere David, Elder      
Wilmarth William A      
Rounds Gertrude E      
Miller George E      
Miller Julia A      
Perry Edward B      
Perry Oscar S      
Perry George S      
Kent Jacob      
Perry Winona M      
Wilmarth Stephen      
Perry Osborn      
Perry Harriet E      
Wilmarth William A      
Wilmarth Joanna S      
Carpenter Benjamin      
Carpenter Nancy      
Carpenter Louisa Esther      
Perry Harriet E      
Hicks Phoebe      
Perry Harriet N      
Torrey Damon A      
Reynolds Joseph E      
Reynolds Margaret L      
Reynolds Caleb E      
Reynolds Harriet      
Torrey Samuel      
Ring Rufus W      
Barnett Mary F      
Perry Sarah      
Torrey Maria      
Perry Thomas, Rev      
Perry Sally      
Perry Caroline N      
Perry Seba      
Perry Deborah G      
Hicks Asa T      
Cole Ralph      
Smith Ida L      
Smith Florence E      
Cole Zemas      
Cole Fanny W      
Cole George      
Cole Sabra L      
Torrey Martha A      
Randall Edith Cole      
Torrey George B      
Cole Kate      
Hicks Otis F      
Hicks Hattie J      
Pell Isabella      
Knight Albert H      
Knight Sarah      
Barnett Eli      
Randall Allen      
Banks Emma J      
Sprigg Clara      
Slate Eva I      
Slate Fred B      
Balkcom Lydia      
Perry David Esq, Hon      
Balkcom Daniel      
Sprigg Marshall T      
Banks Robert A      
Sprigg Alica Clara      
Banks Olive P      
Balkcom Jacob, Capt      
Balkcom Matilda      
Briggs Stephen      
Briggs Lydia      
Briggs Polly      
Briggs Sylvanus      
Mugg Thomas W      
Mugg Sara E W      
Munyan Lois      
Mugg Hannah      
Balcom Rebeccah      
Mugg James      
Dorrance Bertha E      
Munyan Charles E      
Peck Angelina I.      
Peck Amos E      
Baker Herbert      
Baker Cora M      
Evans Albert W      
Evans Mildred C      
Anderson Frances R      
Dorrance John A      
Mugg Annie W      

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