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There are 52 known cemeteries in present day Rehoboth. Persons researching their ancestors from Rehoboth need to remember that Rehoboth encompassed the present day communities of  Attleboro, Cumberland, East Providence, Pawtucket, Rehoboth, and Seekonk, as well as parts of Barrington and Swansea. Parts of Warren and Bristol may have also been included. This site will eventually include the cemeteries databases of all of those cities and towns. However we are presently limiting our cemeteries to those within the present day boundaries and those are not all complete.  We suggest that if you do not find what you are looking for on this site, that you include the RI Cemeteries Database and the Swansea Cemetery Listing in your search as these include many of the colonists from Old Rehoboth. 

Please Note

We encourage the research of our heritage but if you decide to visit any of the cemeteries, please obtain permission from the Rehoboth Cemetery Commission via the town hall and use care. The grave stones and turf are fragile. Massachusetts law restricts restoration of any kind except to a few authorized individuals.

Most of the cemeteries were identified in the Beers Survey of 1878 and by Trim, the renowned Rehoboth historian and genealogist. Depending on the reference, the cemeteries are known by different titles. We refer to all cemeteries in present day Rehoboth by the Rehoboth Historical Cemetery Numbers (RHC#) maintained by the Town of Rehoboth, Ma. For ease in identifying the correct cemetery, a cross reference between these numbers, the Bristol County Cemeteries Database numbers and the common names is listed in the matrix to the right.

The Blanding Library on Bay State Road in Rehoboth houses the major part of local genealogical information in its "Trim Room"



01 RE801

Oak Knoll Cemetery

02 RE802

Bliss Burial Ground

03 RE803

Stevens Corner Cemetery

04 RE804

Eneas Round Yard

05 RE814

Ebenezer Medbury Lot

06 RE806

Hunt Cemetery

07 RE807

Hiram Drown Lot

08 RE808

Village Cemetery

09 RE809

Goff & Wheeler Cemetery

10 RE810

Lovell Goff Yard

11 RE811

Tamelin  Wheeler Horton Lot

12 RE812

Jonathon Wheeler Cemetery

13 RE813

Peck Burial Yard

14 RE805

Palmer's River Churchyard Cemetery

15 RE815

Lake Cemetery

16 RE816

Joseph Stillman Pierce Yard

17 RE817

Abel F. Pearce Cemetery

18 RE818

Kelton Family Yard

19 RE819

Capt. Israel Nichols

20 RE820

Nichols, Cole & Moulton Yard

21 RE821

Millerd Yard

22 RE822

Ingalls Family Lot

23 RE823

Simmons Family Cemetery

24 RE824

Bosworth Family Lot

25 RE825

Nathan Pierce Cemetery

26 RE826

Greenwood (Oak Swamp)

27 RE827

Hix Cemetery

28 RE828

Shubael Wheeler & Horton Cemetery

29 RE829


30 RE830

James Horton Yard

31 RE831

Samuel T. Wheeler Cemetery

32 RE832

Judge Haile Lot

33 RE833

Burial Place Hill

34 RE834

Munroe Family Lot

35 RE835

Carruther's Lot

36 RE836

Peleg Pierce Yard

37 RE837

Isaac Pierce Tomb



Otis Horton Cemetery



Jonathan Horton Yard (AKA Comfort Horton Lot)

40 RE840

Ariel Horton Lot

41 RE841

Otis J. Martin Cemetery

42 RE842

Buffington Family Lot

43 RE843

Baker (AKA Cole Brook Cemetery)

44 RE844

Horton Cemetery

45 RE845

Joshua Pierce Cemetery

46 RE846

Round Lot 



Esek Pierce (AKA Capt. Mial Pierce Lot)



Case Cemetery



Bosworth Cemetery



Arikim Pearce Cemetery



Reynolds (AKA James Gardiner Lot)



Orren N. Horton

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